Welcome to Violinbaby


Violinbaby Music Studio started in 2002.  We support various activities year-round to keep our students motivated to play the violin.  Every year, students perform in different concert settings, participate in our annual summer concerts, take national music exams, and audition with many orchestras and music schools.  Our students and teachers have been invited to perform in China and Europe.

Our students range in age from 5 to adults, they are from various elementary, middle, high schools and different working fields throughout the Los Angeles area.

  Violinbaby Music is accepting students with or without experience who love music, are willing to practice, and are determined to learn to play the violin with skill and finese.  In our classes, students are taught technique, ear training, sight-reading, music theory, and performance skills; but that is not all.  Students are also taught self-confidence, discipline, appreciation of the arts, and the pride that comes from a job well done.